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We are still hopeful that our London Toy Soldier Show 5th December and London Plastic Modelling Show 6th December will happen and if you would like to book trade or club tables do contact us. .

The most important thing at present is to keep safe and remain healthy, in both body and mind, and remember that wherever we are in the world we are a community united by our hobby.

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Scale Aircraft Modelling

Scale Aircraft Modelling is the Number one selling Aircraft Modelling magazine, with world-class content. Every month SAM is packed with build features, news, reviews, and in-depth research articles. We cater to every taste in aircraft modelling, from 1/144 to 1/24 and from the earliest days of aviation to contemporary aircraft.

Every month our team of authors from around the world, including many award winning modellers, not only show you the very best in aircraft modelling, but invite you to their bench to show you how and why they do techniques, ,helping the reader to build their arsenal of skills and produce their own scale masterpieces. Their articles are clearly laid out, and easy to follow with step by step text and photos explaining every part of the process and the choices and decisions made by the modeller, as well as things to look out for in the kit, and ways the build can be improved. We include a mix of 'out of the box' builds as well as builds using aftermarket, to show what can be done with any model, at any budget, whilst always striving for a great model for your shelf.

Our strong connections to the industry mean we can bring you the latest news and exclusives, and reports from events around the world, including build features of the newest releases.

Scale Aircraft Modelling, always ahead, always looking forward and always delivering the best in Aircraft Modelling, at a market-beating price.
Military Modelcraft International

Military Modelcraft International is the world's number one military modelling magazine. Each month MMI brings you the best in armour and diorama modelling, drawing together under one cover the best modellers from across the world. Their detailed step-by-step articles demonstrate the tips and techniques with which you can lift your own modelling to the next level. From the newest releases to detailing and improving classic kits, there is something for all levels of modeller in MMI. Whether you are a gold-medal winner or a novice new to the hobby, MMI has the builds to both inform and inspire.

As well as exclusive, quality modelling content, MMI features research-based reference articles. Drawing on our team of experts, each month we bring you our Armour in Profile feature, looking at the development and history of a particular armoured fighting vehicle or unit. Illustrated with archival photographs and exclusive colour profiles, these build up into a unique reference resource that you'll want to refer to time and time again. Similarly, our Armour in Action feature includes walkarounds of real vehicles and reports from military exercises and parades from across the world.

MMI is also number for news and reviews, bringing you indepth box reviews and 'on-the-bench' builds of newly released kits and listings of the latest products from manufacturers big and small. Illustrated throughout with the crystal clear photography and accessible step-by-step features, MMI is the indispensable monthly magazine for all military modellers.
Toy Soldier Collector International

Toy Soldier Collector International prides itself on being the "go to" magazine for collectors of toy and model figures of all shapes and sizes. Primarily focused on figures around 1:32nd scale (the traditional collectable "toy soldier" size) the magazine also covers larger kits and smaller (down to 40mm) figures. TSCI encompasses in-depth reviews on all recent releases within the hobby of toy soldier collecting, from the “high end” pre-painted museum quality metal figurines through to the unpainted plastic figures still played with today by both children and adults, and of course everything in between.

Whether your interest is to simply collect stunning models straight “out of the box”, or you want to paint your own figures and kits, or even do a little wargaming, then TSCI has something for you. Alongside the myriad of reviews and news, written by some of the hobby's most respected reviewers, TSCI also features stunning full colour articles covering both military history (illustrated with figures and original photographs) and articles on the history of the hobby, from makers no longer in production and antique figures through to insights on today's manufacturers, retailers and global events/shows.

TSCI really is your “one stop shop” for everything military (and civilian/fantasy) figure related!
Fantasy Figures International

Fantasy Figures International is the number one international magazine for hobbyists and miniature painters. Covering the genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical miniatures, Fantasy Figures International brings together under one cover the best painters and modellers from across the world. Each issue features exclusive step-by-step articles, with sumptuous photography, allowing you to see the techniques and tricks you can develop to get the most out of your hobby. Working with leading manufacturers, sculptors, designers and painters, Fantasy Figures International is at the forefront of the hobby, providing content that will both inspire and inform.

Our Sci-Fi coverage is second to none, featuring Gunpla from some of the best-known names in the hobby such as Don Suratos and Diego Risiti, as well as Maschinen Krieger and Stars Wars. Our Fantasy painting articles cover classic subjects, as well as some of the more esoteric subjects coming from smaller manufacturers, and, of course, Post-Apocalyptic modelling. From painting single figures and building and converting Gunpla kits to large-scale dioramas, Fantasy Figures International has something for all levels of modellers, from complete newcomers to the hobby to award-winning painters.

Fantasy Figures International is first and foremost about exceptionally painted miniatures and our coverage of model shows from across the globe is second to none. Our showtime reports feature inspirational painting and modelling from the biggest and best shows worldwide. Fantasy Figures International also brings you the latest in news and reviews. Each issue we interview one of the most exciting manufacturers who are shaping the future of the hobby and provide indepth reviews of the hottest new releases. So whatever aspect of the hobby you're into, Fantasy Figures International is the indispensable guide to taking it to the next level.

British Railways Illustrated
Available now from Guideline Publications
BRITISH RAILWAYS ILLUSTRATED, now approaching its 30th year and long known by its cheerful acronym 'BRILL'. Colour cover, 56 pages of text and, typically, 60-70 high quality black and white images. There are maps and plans/diagrams in most issues. 'History with a good helping of nostalgia' is its hallmark with some humour thrown in; concentrates on the steam and early modernisation era of British Railways, 1948 to the 1970s (diesel and electric) but also features subjects and themes from the 1930s and the Second World War. Locomotives and locomotive workings feature prominently but there are always items on rolling stock, buildings, bridges, track and signalling as well as human/social aspects. Lively letters pages keep the readership involved.

Model Railway News
Currently included as a free 8-page supplement in both BRILL and Bylines, our model railway sampler 'Model Railway News' is paving the way for bigger and better things from Guideline. Each issue includes a news update on product releases and announcements along with articles including our uniquely presented layout feayure by leading model photographer Tony Wright, where we look at various model railway layouts from the perspective of the railway enthusiast, with historical data and details relating them to the prototypes upon which they are based

This issue of Model Railway News is available as a FREE Digital Edition
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Railway Bylines
Available now from Guideline Publications
RAILWAY BYLINES, now in its 25th year. Colour cover, 56 pages of text and, like British Railways Illustrated, some 60-70 high quality black and white images. There are maps and plans/diagrams in most issues. Subject matter is wide ranging and the BYLINES in the title is very deliberate; homely branch lines serving villages and country towns, industrial lines serving mills, foundries, works, quarries, mines and ports, together with their often ancient locomotives and their correspondingly elderly and eccentric stock.  Both standard and narrow gauge with occasional Irish subjects. Most frequently portrayed period is the 1950s-1960s before such workings and lines began to disappear, though occasionally earlier eras are covered. Editorial is wide-ranging - buildings, stock, structures, social/human aspects and so on - history/nostalgia with a light touch that matches its often out-of-the-way, off-beat subjects.
Model Railway News
Currently included as a free 8-page supplement in both BRILL and Bylines, our model railway sampler 'Model Railway News' is paving the way for bigger and better things from Guideline. Each issue includes a news update on product releases and announcements along with articles including our uniquely presented layout feayure by leading model photographer Tony Wright, where we look at various model railway layouts from the perspective of the railway enthusiast, with historical data and details relating them to the prototypes upon which they are based

This issue of Model Railway News is available as a FREE Digital Edition
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Warpaint Books Series

Designed with both the aircraft enthusiast and the model maker in mind, the Warpaint titles try to establish as near as possible a comprehensive and accurate account of a single aircraft type within one set of covers.
* Complete and detailed history
* 1:72nd scale plan
* In detail pictures
* Kit, decal and accessory list
* Pages of superb colour camouflage drawings and photography
* Complete production list
* Squadrons, units and individual aircraft serials and codes
* Comprehensive specification

New Titles now available to buy!
OUT NOW: Fall of Iron

Guideline Publications

Apart from our Warpaint book we publish a range of Aviation and Military Books - Combat Colours, Camouflage & Markings aviation and military plus Airfile Publications. This series of books has the exceptional editorial and production quality along with the expertise of our authors you demand from Guideline Publications

Aircraft in Profile is a monthly section occupying the centre pages of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine providing an initial 'first step' in researching an aircraft type, and is aimed at those readers who have had little previous interest in its subject, rather than those with expert knowledge. The section outlines the history and development of its chosen type providing a context for a modelling project, while the plans and drawings are designed to expand upon this and we hope we hope will be of use or interest to both modellers and aviation enthusiasts alike Volume Two is out now US Navy and AirForce subjects following a number of requests to provide the material in book form.

Atlantic Resolve: Nato's show of strength in Europe 2014 -2020 by Gary Hatcher  Atlantic Resolve is a response to Russia's actions in Ukraine, mainly the war in Donbass, and is funded under the European Reassurance Initiative. The US took several immediate steps to demonstrate solidarity with NATO, such as augmenting the air, ground and naval presence in the region, and enhancing previously scheduled exercises. The US is taking measures to improve NATO military plans and defence capabilities, and remains committed to maintaining a persistent presence in Central and Eastern Europe. This second Guideline in Action looks at the US Air Force's recent deployments in support of Atlantic Resolve, US Army aviation assets, and multinational training exercises, as well as the transport and logistics efforts behind the maintenance of the front line squadrons.
84 pages plus 4 cover  £11.99

Fall of Iron: Light and Medium Boombee Aircraft of WW2 by Gary Hatcher andChris Meddings  Fall of Iron is the first in a series of compendium volumes covering military aircraft with a focus on some of the less well-covered subjects. The series is designed to offer a brief one-stop historical reference combined with colour artwork and is aimed primarily scale modellers but offers plenty for the general aviation enthusiast too. This first volume looks at some of the twin-engined medium bombers of World War Two and includes a selection of profiles written by Richard Mason, as well as a ground-breaking piece of research on the early B-25 Mitchell by Brian Derbyshire that offers an incisive look into the business of wartime mass-production and the vast number of changes to the ensuing airframes brought about as a result of ongoing combat experience. Other aircraft covered include the rarely discussed Tupolev SB-2, the Mitsubishi G4M Betty, Bristol Blenheim, Savoia-Marchetti SM.79, Petylyakov Pe-2 and the Handley Page Hampden. Many of these aircraft have been overlooked as 'also-rans' by history and the scale modelling community but an examination of similar types designed for similar roles from various Axis and Allied air forces demonstrates just how much aircraft development kept pace during the conflict, and how despite their clear external differences aircraft designers all over the World were drawing the same conclusions as a result of experience gained in a shooting war.
Guideline Shows

We run our own shows London Toy Soldier Show 3 times a year March, June & December and London Plastic Modeliing Show in December. We attend many shows UK, Europe and North America if you would like us to attend or advertise your show do contact us
All Guideline magazines and books now available in North America directly from 'FOR THE HISTORIAN'.

For The Historian is a portal run by Lawrence Weindorf from Gettysburg PA supplying books, magazines and miniatures for the modeling enthusiasts.

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