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Guideline Publications Ltd Toy Soldier Collector 2022 Special 2022 Special Edition

Toy Soldier Collector 2022 Special

2022 Special Edition
Editor Stuart A Hessney

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Welcome to a very special bonus edition of the world's No. 1 magazine for enthusiasts who form the congregation of the broad church that is our hobby.

I was enlisted to put together this smorgasbord of reading pleasure exclusively for subscribers for both for the sake of added value and as a way to help catch up former subscribers to Toy Soldier & Model Figure. I was beginning my eighteenth year at its helm when Guideline Publications acquired it in January 2021, then I was handed the reins of the rebranded and expanded Toy Soldier Collector & Historical Figures magazine. Now this special edition has given me a golden opportunity to fulfil a vow I made to TS&MF issues 248 and 250's contributors that their work would eventually appear in print after management made last-minute decisions to make those two editions digital-only as the COVID_19 pandemic disrupted supply chains (though it should be duly noted that this magazine never missed a beat in print). Besides drawing content from those issues, this special edition incorporates a few of my favourite features from the past.

Art imitates life in articles penned by E. Patrick Gallagher and John Lord Booth II about diorama projects. Pat used King & Country collectables to breathe life into Ancient Egypt in miniature. John collected Indian _figures from various
makers to create storytelling vignettes within an expansive and exotic streetscape inspired by Rajasthan.

Jacek Rokitnicki adds context to his collection by recounting the epic Battle of Grunwald fought between
Germanic Teutonic Knights and Polish-Lithuanian forces in 1410. A.J. Mackay shares techniques for easily converting plastic _igures into something completely different.

Joseph Reed delves into British military pageantry as he marches out a look at the history and choreography behind London's Changing the Guard ceremony. Yours truly draws from my own collection to give readers a tour of the late Professor Harold Pestana's amazing "Bermudiana, Land of Imagination." He not only wrote a book about a mythical nineteenth-century country enlivened with touches of humour, he created hundreds of military and civilian figures to illustrate it. Jim Matresky and Guy Elliott team up for a "virtual visit" with fellow Canadian Ron Hutchinson, who is the craftsman behind a wide-ranging parade of toy soldiers.

Readers can enjoy vicarious travels from the comfort of their own homes thanks to a photo gallery revisiting 2021 shows on both sides of the pond, plus American Jose J. Gonzalez Nolla reminisces about his collecting adventures in Europe. Mike Williams discovers and animates an obscure set of World War I French model figures. Paul Newman researches, builds and paints a model figure kit depicting a British dragoons o_ icer of the Napoleonic Wars.

But wait, there's more because this edition is bookended by two articles penned by my mentor and long-time friend James H. Hillestad of the Toy Soldier Museum. He kicks things f with a Second Anglo-Boer War diorama recreating how Boers captured Winston Churchill after ambushing an armoured train. Jim also takes inspiration from the comedy _ilm Best in Show (2000) to create a dog show diorama. I hope it climaxes this special edition with a delighted woof and a smile for readers
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