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Guideline Publications SAM: Vol 42-10 December  2020

SAM: Vol 42-10
December 2020
Editor - Gary Hatcher, Jon Tabor, Colin Pickett

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Apologies to those readers who do not engage in online Social Media, but this editorial is a request for assistance from those who do. Our Facebook page has recently been hacked. Not just a little, but a serious end- of-days terminally destructive Death-Star-sized hacking, somewhat redolent of 'Chopper' Harris in his heyday. Devious cyber-bots seized control of the SAM page and proceeded to lock out all the administrators and flood the page with total dreck - videos of cute dogs in hats, gentlemen riding mountain bikes into ravines, horrible people playing hilarious pranks on their partners, and other such drivel. Now, I know modellers are a diverse bunch, but I have yet to meet any who are prepared to spend time answering twenty questions to find out which character from a television soap opera they most resemble...
So we contacted Facebook and asked them to sort out the issue, only to be told that the only thing we could do was to contact the page's administrators and ask to be allowed back in. 'But they are the people who have hacked the page and locked us out' we explained, citing the obvious difference between our own content and the rubbish now being posted, not to mention the outraged responses of regular SAM followers confronted with the endless nonsense now being streamed under our banner. Facebook remained obdurate and unhelpful (is Nick Clegg still in charge?). 'Only the page's administrators can make changes to the page's administrative executive,' we were told.
So we have had no option but to abandon the old SAM Facebook page and start a new one. To boost this new page and reconnect with all our friends and supporters we need you, our readers to join us there and share your work, so we are inviting everyone to post images of their models on our new page - SAM - Scale Aircraft Modelling - to share it with their friends, and to interact with us as much as possible. The ten models receiving the most 'shares' and 'likes' on our page will be published in the magazine, and hopefully we can build support back up to the astonishing level that it was before the aliens seized control.
So, thanks in advance for your help and assistance. The new page, remember, is 'SAM - Scale Aircraft Modelling', as opposed to the former page, which was simply 'Scale Aircraft Modelling'. The old page is still there, so unless you want to disengage your brain entirely then make sure you find the authentic new one.
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