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The next London Plastic Modelling show is to be held at the Islington Business Design Centre on Sunday 7 Dec, 2014
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Great news!
Due to the continuing success and growth of our titles, Barnes & Noble in the USA has dramatically increased the amount of our stock it carries and stores selling our publications, MMI, SAM and TSC.
MMI is now available in 520 stores an increase of 318 stores, SAM is now available in 492 stores an increase of 98 stores and TSC is now available in 222 stores an increase of 160 stores.
Now run by Toy Soldier Collector

* Complete and detailed history
* 1:72nd scale plan
* In detail pictures
* Kit, decal and accessory list
* Pages of superb colour camouflage drawings, colour, and black and white photography
* Complete production list
* Squadrons, units and individual aircraft serials and codes
* Comprehensive specification

Warpaint Policy
Designed with both the aircraft enthusiast and the model maker in mind, the publishers of the Warpaint series try to establish as near as possible a comprehensive and accurate account of a single aircraft type within one set of covers. Each book sets standards in the quality of the history and the accuracy of the drawings both in colour side and plan view and the 1:72nd scale plans that appear in each one.

Production centres on the publication of one title every six to eight weeks. Books are priced depending on the number of pages in each and the costs of art work, photo reproduction, author's fees and printing.

Aircraft titles range from World War 2 to the post war period, and include a majority of RAF and Fleet Air Arm aircraft but also feature many USAAF, USAF, US Navy and Luftwaffe machines.
Variety is the keyword in the attempt to satisfy as many specialist interest groups as possible during the year. Few contemporary aircraft are featured as an attempt is made to write and illustrate the definitive history of the aircraft involved, although it is appreciated that in some cases there might be a few still flying in non-operational roles.

The publishers employ authors who have established reputations in aircraft historical journalism where their own notes and files can produce facts and data that may, in many cases, not have been published hitherto. Artists used for the illustrations are also well-established in their field and very knowledgeable on camouflage colours and the use of computer generated art work which adds so much to the completeness of the finished book.

Warpaint books on aircraft set the standards that others would like to follow...

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