April 2016 Newsletter
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Welcome to our 2nd Newsletter and thank you for your continued support to our magazines and books.
All our April issues are now available from our website www.guidelinepublications.co.uk

You can subscribe to SAM and or MMI only £49.50 for 15 issues

We continue to publish new books with Warpaint books now up to no107 our latest title IIyushin IL-2 'Sturmovik' and for you Military guys we have just released no 3 in our Armour in Theatre series Normandy Campaign part 2

Order any missing Warpaint Books you need all our Warpaint Books are now back in print. Order your books at http://www.guidelinepublications.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=4

Here is a video link to last years show https://youtu.be/HY6ERPiToG0
We have our superb London Plastic Modelling Show Sunday 4th December club tables are free and trade tables start from £60 http://www.londonplasticmodellingshow.co.uk/

For further information on our show or any questions you have on Guideline Publications please do contact me.
Tom Foxon Group Marketing & PR Director tom@regallitho.co.uk

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